Car Transporting

In-Land and International Car Transporting

car transporting

Car Transportation Tips

In transporting a car, take photos of your vehicle next to truck driver at time of pick up. If you don’t take photos and you find on the other end a new scratch on your vehicle,it will be very hard for you to claim any compensation for that damage.

The standard insurance offered by most companies will not cover any items left in the car and can sometimes cause the trucking company problems if asked to be inspected by the law enforcement at weigh stations along the way – make sure not to leave anything inside your vehicle.

Make sure to read carefully anything the truck driver has you sign before he departs and make sure to get a copy.

Ask truck driver for his phone number. Normally they don’t have a problem with that and this will help you track the location of your car while it is on its way.

Keep in mind that there are many trucking companies that offer car transportation, it’s a very competitive market especially since you also have many brokers-agents that are offering the same service as well. If you have any questions or need advice feel free to contact us at Moving Hunter and we will be glad to help!

International Shipping of Vehicles

When it comes to international vehicle shipping you have have different types of service to consider:

Container Load Service means the vehicle will be loaded into a shipping container, normally a 20 or 40-foot-long container, and it will be unloaded still in the container once it reaches the port at country of destination.

Ro/Ro Service means the car will drive into the vessel and driven out of the vessel once it reached the port of destination.

​Don’t think twice on insuring your vehicle before shipping out your vehicle. It is a must. And make sure you have full insurance coverage. Insurance cost normally start at %1 and can reach up to %5 of the car’s value, depending on the shipping company and the type of coverage. Shipping by Ro/Ro is less expensive than by container but keep in mind that it is less safe as well.