Finding A Mover

Finding a mover is a trouble free procedure when you are dealing with Moving Hunter.

We make it matter of a few seconds with you on the phone. We help our clients at every step of the way and they do not even have to visit with us for that. Yes! You can get the moving quotes at home by just visiting our website. These quotes will be provided entirely free of charge. This is something that none of the other companies will be offering you in the marketplace; Moving Hunter does not charge or apply any hidden amount for providing you with a quote.

When we say it is free, we mean it!

The quick form shown on our website is simple and only requires the user to give out his or her general location with a zip code, click on the moving date and mention the size of the move. As you click on continue, you will have to provide us with some of your contact information and after that you will get the free quote from us.

By mentioning your locations, you can easily obtain movers’ quotes. If you feel like you are not satisfied with the quote, then you can always make a call to our representative and he or she will provide you with the more information and/or details regarding the quotes.

We guarantee our clients the availability of licensed and professional movers so that they will get the best service without being to worry about your belongings. The movers carefully disassemble, pack, lift, separate, transport, unload, unpack and reassemble the items so that the client will get their item back unharmed.

Anywhere you want to move to, you just avail yourself of our services of licensed and insured movers so that you will not have to suffer in anyway and your belongings reach to the destination without any damage or delay. We wish to deliver the orders on the time promised so that our client will not face any unnecessary hardships.

We also offer insurance of your items so that you will get complete protection in case any unfortunate incident occurs. We also allow our clients to obtain third-party insurance with whom they feel comfortable. If a client chooses to perform certain tasks of the move himself or herself, the movers are freed from liability of your packing of your belongings.