International Relocation

International Relocation

international shipping

Here are the main key players responsible for shipping the goods in an international relocation:

The Shipper is the client for whom goods are being transferred from one country to another. The status and the cause for the shipper’s transfer of goods will determine the kind of fees and taxes that apply on the shipment once it arrives to the country of destination. Even if it is a company paid move transferring an employee to a new country, the shipper is always the individual that is being relocated and he or she is the so called the shipper.

The Shipping Company is responsible for shipment from beginning to end including disassembling, packing, loading, and delivering your shipment to the port of exit from the country of origin It is responsible for hiring the ocean carrier, the custom broker at port of destination, as well as a ground carrier (freight line/trucking company/moving company) to deliver and assemble your belongings.

The Ocean Carrier (vessel/shipping line) is in charge of transporting your shipment oversea from one to port to another. Your shipping company is accountable to the ocean carrier from beginning and normally able to provide you with a tracking number so you can follow online the status of your shipment on water at all times.

The Custom Broker at country of destination is in charge of handling all necessary documentations of your shipment before it arrives at the port of entry. Among his responsibilities, he needs to provide all necessary documents to the government and to inform you of any taxes or fees that may apply once your shipment arrives to the port of entry

The Ground Carrier at destination is in charge of delivering your shipment to your final new home or delivery address, reassembling your furniture and dividing boxes by rooms. Normally the Ground Carrier will not empty boxes and will not reassemble baby cribs.

Door-to-Door Service is the type of service you are interested to get from your shipping company. Door-to-Door Service means that all the charges from the point of pickup at origin address up until the last item is delivered at address of destination are included. The only charge not included is *customs at port of destination.

At Moving Hunter we will only offer you shipping companies that are licensed and insured. We make sure that all the companies we offer here to you are able to provide you with full door-to-door service.

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