Corporate Relocation & Moving Services

Corporate Relocation & Moving Services

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First Step: Make A Plan

Try to schedule the move as soon as possible, this will allow you to choose the best date for your pickup. We recommend to schedule with the moving company an on-site survey. This Will leave you with no surprises at the day of the pickup and also they will be able to hand you a binding estimate. Before the estimator of the moving company arrives, make sure you know what items are not moving and label them. Schedule the move for the pickup and delivery for the weekend – most moving companies provide services at least on Saturdays some on Sundays as well.

Short Distance Move

In case you are relocating your office in a 50 miles residues or so, you might be better off  Scheduling a with a moving company in your area that provides local moving services. That way you will be charged by an hourly rate and not by distance or volume. If you have an office that includes more then 50 workers you might want to agree on a “fix” price in advance with the moving company.

Communicating With Your Moving Company

Try to provide the moving company as much information about the layout of the new office and what kind of accesses do they have. If you have pictures of the new place that will help and the exact address so they can google the street as well.Make a list of the challenges the movers might face at delivery. For example, smaller office space or hours of reserved elevator.

Protect Your Shipment

Any important files or expensive equipment we recommend to take yourself – don’t leave it for chance. Although it’s most likely that nothing will happen to your shipment we do recommend to insure your items with a third-party  insurance company on top on the stander insurance that  the moving company provides you. The stander coverage that comes with your move is free of charge by law but it’s a very limited coverage.Notify all the employees of the day of move so they make sure to take all their personal belongings a day before. Insurance will not cover personal items of employees.

The Importance Of References

Most people relay to often on online reviews when the truth of the mater is that it’s very easy to fake them and fake reviews have become unfortunately a big industry we many unlawful companies are will to pay a lot of money to get them. To better compere moving companies we recommend to try and get as much phone references as possible. There is a better chance that they would be trustworthy.

Getting Ready For Delivery Day

Before talking about the delivery day , lets go back a second to the day of pickup. Make sure that when you have the movers packing at your pickup location, to attach to each office/room the name of the person who seats there placed on the entrance of the room.  When arriving to the new office do the same. by doing this the movers will be able to place all the items in the right room very quickly.

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