Our Mission

Our Mission

After years of working for different moving and shipping companies we have learned that there is a great deal of on unsatisfied individuals that have experienced bad service when relocating their household goods. This problem has become so big that it has laid a bad reputation to the entire industry for the last 20 years or so.

While working for these different companies in the industry we noticed something very interesting – Many of the problems that the clients are complaining about are repeating them self and even more interesting – Most of them are very easy to avoid! When we started establishing Moving Hunter we discovered that the need for our service is not only highly demanded by potential clients but by many moving and shipping companies just as well. These companies have been trying as best to their ability to provide reliable and professional services but have found theme self time and time again spending too much effort and money defending  them self as a lawful and professional company.

One of the main reasons for all this situation was a lake of simple tools that could easily help the potential clients find answers for issues that they are not sure about. One good example that repeats it self quite often is “How can I know for sure that the moving/shipping company I pick will not increase my bill and hold my shipment “hostage” if I don’t pay more?!?! or how can I compere between the different companies services when they have such a large range of offers when I don’t even know anything about relocation laws or policies? Two different companies can offer what they call “door-to-door service” but they can include different services under that title. One can offer for example packing supply and the other one will not.

We made it our mission not only to provide the potential clients with the knowledge they need to ask the right questions but also to provide them the tools to compere between rated and reviewed companies. We also see our self as your professional helper. You can use our knowledge to make an educated decision. We help the different moving and shipping companies close the gap between them and the potential client. from the other side we help the client reach the best service in his budget without needing to worry or deal with any “surprises”.

OK, so now you know how this works, but you are probably asking you self; HOW DO WE AT MOVING HUNTER MAKE ANY MONEY !?!? Its very simple – the different companies that are listing with us, not only need to prove they are a lawful company but they have to pay us for offering their services to you through our website. This is a win-win situation for all side involved.